What platforms are supported?

Windows, Linux, OSX, Android and iOS.

Which version is the official one?


How does this relate to the Xamarin OpenTK?

The Xamarin version is a fork of an ancient version. You should prefer this where possible.

How can I get it?

Add the NuGet package to your project.

Who uses OpenTK?

OpenTK is used by numerous scientific renderers and games.

How fast is OpenTK?

For a .Net library, OpenTK is very fast. It uses hand-optimized IL assembly to minimize overhead when calling OpenGL functions. However, keep in mind that the underlying runtimes (.Net/Mono) use garbage collection which introduces some unique performance considerations - refer to our documentation for more information. We place significant emphasis on performance, so please open an issue if you believe something could run faster!

What kind of abstraction does OpenTK provide?

The Open Toolkit mirrors the raw OpenGL API, with the addition of type-safe enums. This was a conscious design decision that ensures high performance, easy translation of C/C++ code, and beyond that, matches the OpenTK philosophy of being a toolkit, rather than a framework or engine.

How do I use this?

  1. Add the NuGet Package to your project
  2. Open the appropriate namespace
  3. Start coding

I need help!

Try asking on the Gitter channel.


Something is broken!

Open an issue at the repo.

Who are the maintainers?

@thefiddler is the head-honcho. Others include @amulware, @wcdeich4, @varon, and @cra0zy.

How can I help?

Check outstanding issues, or drop us a message in Gitter.